The Basketball Diaries- First 50 pages

The first 50 pages of The Basketball Diaries so far has shown the story of a twelve year old boy growing up in the poor neighborhoods of New York. The book begins by mainly describing the life of the boy in basketball, but then transitions to more stories about his friends and his private life. This boy and his friends aren’t exactly what you would call “good kids”, they steal, lie, and do drugs regularly. 

The book is an easy read, lacking complex diction or vocabulary. It is written in diary format and is in first person voice. The book is not boring or slow, it is fast enough from the beginning to keep a readers attention. The ninth grade would definitely be able to read this book easily. However, I’m not sure that the book is exactly appropriate for that young of an audience. This book discusses mature topics in sometimes vulgar detail, especially concerning the sex life of the boy. I don’t think parents would approve of their children reading this book.

It is interesting but difficult to watch the boy transform from just lying and stealing to alcoholism and drugs. Im sure the boy’s life will continue to unravel in the next 50 pages.


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