The Basketball Diaries- 100 pages

In these last fifty pages, the book has continued to progress in the direction it was already headed. This boy continues to get into trouble with his friends with drugs and alcohol, and basketball still seems to be the number on thing in his life. However, more alcohol, weed, and prescription drugs are being abused by the boy as the book progresses, and he begins to do more daring things to acquire these drugs. The inappropriate content of this book has also increased significantly in the last fifty pages, I definitely am completely sure that parents of ninth graders would not want their children reading this book. 

I definitely do not think this book should be the all school read. Although the journey as the main character falls into a life of drugs is interesting, I am sure this book is far too inappropriate to be the all school read.  It uses too much foul language and explicit sexual content. If this was the all school read, speakers could talk about drug abuse and the stages of recovery. They could also focus on the influence of one’s environment on one’s present and future actions. However, generally I don’t think there would be that much to talk about if this book was chosen as the all school read. 

Definitely the issues of having this as the all school read are the aforementioned issues of inappropriate content and also a lack of interesting topics to discuss on all school read day. I positively think this is not the right book for the all school read next year. 


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