Logical Fallacies in Life

Some logical fallacies that I often hear throughout my day or week are post hoc ergo propter hoc, slippery slope, hasty generalization, red herring, and straw man. I mainly hear these used on television, especially on the news. I think people use so many logical fallacies because they are used to hearing these fallacies on a daily bases and have grown up hearing them, therefore they are simply accustomed to them. Also, I think many people use logical fallacies when they have no other argument to use and they dont have any real claims to support their argument. In an attempt to win their argument and make it appear that they know what they are talking about, people use logical fallacies to fake their ideas.

Especially on television and in news debates, individuals often try to refute an argument that uses a logical fallacy by using another logical fallacy. The purpose of this over use of logical fallacies, I believe, is to quite simply make one’s self appear more well versed on a particular topic than he or she actually is. I definitely believe these logical fallacies are often overlooked in day to day conversation for several reasons, the first being that most people aren’t educated enough to even realize they are using these logical fallacies. The second being that individuals are so desperate to win an argument that they will use these invalid tactics in a desperate attempt to achieve victory by appearing knowledgable when they are in fact ignorant on a particular subject.


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