Logical Fallacies in Advertising: Advertisement for Rev. E. F. Briggs


This billboard is an advertisement using the logical fallacy slippery slope. This fallacy is a conclusion based on the premise that if A happens, then eventually through a series of events, something much worse and more dramatic will happen. So it is used to convince an audience that if they don’t want Z (the very dramatic, bad event) to occur, then they must not let A occur. This advertisement uses this fallacy by saying that people who are Anti-god will cause civil war. The Reverend that produced this advertisement is trying to help bring god to more people and convince people to join the church by telling them something awful, in this case civil war, will happen if they don’t.The Reverend probably chose to use this type of logical fallacy for his advertisement in an attempt to dramatically affect his viewers in a desperate attempt to impel them to go to church and believe in the bible and in god.


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