This Super Bowl advertisement was used to promote the popular snack Doritos by utilizing the logical fallacy bandwagon. The bandwagon fallacy comes from the phrase “to jump on the bandwagon” and is used to encourage individuals to follow what is popular and conform to a common idea or action. In this ad, a father is sitting on his couching watching the Super Bowl and eating Doritos while wearing his favored team’s jersey. When his team begins to lose, the man quickly changed jerseys to the winning team. He continues to do this throughout the game. This man is portraying the logical fallacy bandwagon by continuing to support which ever team is the most popular and is winning. By showing that this man only does what is always popular, and by portraying him eating a bag of Doritos, this commercial is suggesting that Doritos are the most popular snack and the public should “jump on the bandwagon” and begin eating more Doritos. Frito-Lay probably used this logical fallacy to advertise its product because they know that Doritos are in fact a very popular food and that many Americans would easily “jump on the bandwagon” if they believe Doritos are the most popular food of the time.


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