English Presentation Self Review: SAT Prep

My presentation to the leadership board addressed the issue of college preparation and SAT prep at our school. Gail and I think the school does not have a solid college or SAT preparatory program, so we proposed an SAT prep class that would largely fill this gap.

I think our presentation was informative, complete, and interesting. I am satisfied with how all of our slides turned out, especially the graphs. The results of our surveys, as shown on our graph slides, were very impactful and I think were actually quite shocking. Generally I think the information on our slides was reputable, informative, and succinct, and I believe the leadership board thought so to. 

As far as my performance as a speaker is concerned, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s difficult for me to grade myself since I can’t watch my own presentation, but I feel like I did a good job. I think I spoke clearly and professionally, but I don’t think I was too boring or dull. I’m not sure if I smiled enough, since the topic was serious, but I think I did. Overall I think I spoke well, and I’m satisfied with the presentation.

I was happy to read that many members of the leadership committee liked Gail and my presentation, and would consider our proposal. It gave me confidence and confirmed my thoughts that our presentation was complete and informative, and that Gail and I spoke like professionals. The experience of forming and presenting this presentation taught me of the importance of writing a presentation to appeal to your audience, not just to yourself and your own agenda. It also taught me not to put too much pressure or criticism on myself, because through the eyes of those I was presenting to, I did a fantastic job. I’m really glad this was our English trimeter project. It combined many aspects of a project that often cant be combined; fun, education, and a feeling of accomplishment and impact. I really enjoyed this project and would recommend the same project for the next AP English class!



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