Senior Class Play Review

On Friday I attended the Senior class play with a few friends. I had heard mixed reviews about the play, as some said it was hilarious while others described it as “just okay.” 

I thought the play started out kind of slow, without too many jokes. However, after a few minutes I did find myself laughing. I loved Maddie Chasse’s character, the aunt in the painting. Every time that grumpy aunt screamed I was cracking up laughing! I also enjoyed the creepy character, Mr. Weird. I thought Nick Thomas did an excellent job at portraying the “Mysterious Dude.” 

On a more negative note, I thought the set didn’t quite match the description of the house, since it was supposed to be a dark, scary place, but the set was fairly light and bright. Also, the part where the tour guide was making up the story about the corrupt prince was a little confusing, as was the actual role of the prince, as well as his reason for visiting the Creeps’ house in the first place. Finally, I was unsure of the role of the tour guide and the tourists. I wasn’t exactly sure why they were at the Creeps house and how far into the future their setting was placed. 

Overall I enjoyed the play, but I thought the set could have been more realistic, and the humor could have been amped up a bit. Then the show would have been much, much better for me.


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