Sources Blog SAT/ACT Prep Course

Because our proposal is for an SAT/ACT prep class elective in our school, Gail and I thought it would be a good idea to find a source that describes the system and results of an elective course of this nature in a high school. We found the perfect article on, which descries in detail the workings of an SAT prep class in Denison High School. 

At Denison an SAT/ACT prep course was introduced recently as an elective in the school’s curriculum. The class meets every day and is free for students. This course offers ample practice with timed tests throughout the year, and works with two teachers on a rotating basis, one specializing in math, the other in English. 

This course at Denison was described as extremely beneficial to students. Students who completed the course improved their scores “tremendously.” In fact, the average SAT score for the class in the beginning of the year was 1330, but after completing the course, by the end of the year the average score was 1528. Students who took the course claimed they felt more prepared for the SAT and ACT now that they were educated not only about the material on the course, but about the nature of the test itself and clever tips to get higher scores. 

This class described at Denison High School is almost identical to the class Gail and I picture for The Salisbury School. A full year long, elective course with rotating teachers that would prepare students completely for both SAT and ACT tests. However, our class would also include information about the college process and college preparation. This type of class is essential for The Salisbury School, which claims to be a “college preparatory” school, as the SAT and ACT are critical for getting into the school one desires, and being well informed about how to prepare for college is a basic necessity for college bound students.


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