My Give and Receive Day

The Salisbury School has a unique in-school holiday, called Give and Receive day. On this Wednesday, every year, two grades team up and go out on a community service field trip together. These trips range from working with underprivileged kids to making packages for soldiers oversees. 

This year the eleventh grade was paired with the eight grade, and jointly the two grades made gifts out of construction paper to give to senior citizens living at Atria assisted living facility. These small gifts were filled with various items, such as pencils, pens, erasers, word-searches, and crossword puzzles. The packages we made were intended to bring joy and holiday spirit to the lonely seniors living at Atria. 

The day started out with kids from both grades assembling the gifts. Then, the grades loaded a bus ready to head to Atria. Once we arrived, we were split into four groups and were each sent to a different wing of the nursing home. Here we passed out gifts to seniors and sang christmas carols to them. The Christmas carols we sang included Rudolf the Red Nosed reindeer, Sleigh Bells, Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bells, and many other holiday songs. Total we sang about 15 songs. 

Overall I liked the experience, but it was sort of awkward and felt unplanned. When we were in the assisted living facility, it felt like we were all scattered in different directions and didn’t know exactly what we were doing. Also, the organization was poor because at one point my group and I were alone in a “special” wing of the nursing home, with no teacher. There we ended up singing Christmas carols for almost 20 minutes before we left. Also, there were not enough buses to carry all of the students, so we had to wait a long time for a bus, and then we arrived late to school. This left us no time to work on our presentation, which was to be presented that afternoon.


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