Relationships Between the Salisbury School’s Philosophy and its Architecture




The Salisbury School’s boasts a unique philosophy that promotes originality, safety, honesty, and freedom among its students. This philosophy is clearly shown in the way the school treats its students and promotes a free and safe student community through institutions such as the honor code and the student-faculty disciplinary board. The school’s philosophy focuses largely on academics and intellectual stimulation, while maintaining that athletics and the arts are essential to a well-rounded member not only of the Salisbury School community, but of society as a whole.

           Just like the Salisbury School is widely recognized for this unique and original philosophy, it is similarly recognized for its unique and industrial architecture. This architecture, strange as it may be, actually reflects much of the school’s philosophy. Within the school is a notable trend off open spaces, interesting geometric shapes, and unexpected exposed beams and rafters. These unique qualities represent the uniqueness and originality that the school promotes and nurtures among its student body. These unique architectural aspects can easily be taken individually to represent specific details of the school’s philosophy. Open hallways and classrooms reflect the sense of freedom and trust at the Salisbury school by showing that doors will never be closed to anyone, and that when in the classroom, students are not only a part of their class, but are a part of a larger learning environment. The interesting geometric shapes throughout the school’s architecture, such as the Upper school dome and the Lower school triangle, reflect the school’s unique philosophy and unconventional approaches to learning with unconventional architectural styles. The exposed beams and rafters in the school give an industrial, open, almost unfinished feeling to the hallways and classrooms. This feeling parallels the school’s philosophy by creating an open, accepting feeling among its students. The unfinished feel also reminds students that they are always growing and changing and that they will never be finished learning. Finally, the school includes few doors with locks, and holds all open lockers. Because the doors and lockers in the Salisbury School do not have locks, the feeling of trust reflected in the school’s philosophy is present within the student body.

         The Salisbury School is proud of its original philosophy and the unique values it represents and promotes. It is quite fitting that the architecture and design of the Salisbury School is in-line with these prominent beliefs. Fortunately, these unique aspects of the school’s architecture only reenforce the philosophy the school so ardently supports, and therefore will help to keep the school in line with this philosophy for as long as the architecture remains in the future. 



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