Blog Post 1 Sept. 9th

My name doesn’t really have an interesting story behind it. I wasn’t named after some popular celebrity of the time or a legendary family member, in fact I have been forced to assume that my parents simply drew random names from a hat and Lindsey happened to get first draw. Well, maybe my parents deserve a little more credit then that,  they do say I was loosely named after Lindsey Wagner, but honestly, I don’t think there is much substance to that claim. My middle name, Fay, I  know was chosen after my mother, who’s middle name is also Fay. I think she may have inherited the name from a distant aunt (great-aunt Fay… that sounds about right). I have never had any special nicknames . I guess there has just never been anything about me unique enough to lend me a cool nickname.  Oh, and I see I am supposed to include my birthplace, but naming a birthplace without naming a date just seems strange, so I’ll give you both: August 19th, 1997, 2:04 a.m., Salisbury, MD.

My favorite subject in school as a child was always  science, because It was always so easy for me. I have consistently enjoyed english, history, and art, and hated spanish and math. Actually, I began to love math when I took Geometry in the eighth grade, but then I took Algebra II and since then math has remained one of my least favorite subjects. Currently, I don’t really have a favorite subject. Maybe study hall? At this point I kind of dislike all subjects equally. Although I definitely find some more difficult than others, I see most of my classes as boring and unexciting (except for english of course!) . I realize holding a general dislike of all of my courses probably seems to leave me in an adverse situation, but I am hopeful that I will begin to favor some of my classes as the year progresses.

I really enjoy riding horses in my spare time, and I have experimented with basketball, lacrosse, and tennis in both the recent and distant past. I often find that I lack a competitive spirit, and get little enjoyment from most sports other than riding. My main “extracurricular activity,” if you could even call it that, is my life-consuming hobby, animals. I have, or have had at some point, nearly every animal under the sun: horses, mini-horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, fainting goats, spotted desert hair sheep, Belted Galloway cows, many varieties of domestic and exotic pheasants, guineas, chickens, zebras, alpacas, a camel, a sulcatta spurred tortoise, chinchillas, cavy’s, black squirrels, doves, rabbits, ducks, porcupines, and many exotic parrots. I was raised with animals, but my family never began to acquire alternative (exotic) pets until my early years of middle school. I have cared for all of my pets on my own until last year when my school work had to take unfortunate priority over my animals as my time became limited. Currently, an employee takes care of my animals’ basic needs during the day and I fill in at night. I would definitely have to say that my animals are the focal point of  my life.

Once I graduate from high school I am unsure where I want to attend college, what I want to major in, or what career path I want to take. However, I do know that I enjoy business, law, and politics greatly, so I am now desperately trying to find a career that combines animal science and business/law. So far, I have remained unsuccessful.


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